Thursday, February 27, 2020

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 66

Marketing - Essay Example These strategies include the reduction of the number of materials for packing used, the use of packages that are environmentally friendly, use of reusable containers and giving support to the services that involve the collection and recycling of packages (Murphy & Donald, pp 203 & 204). The improvement of the performance system can be affected by the reduction of packing. For instance, the carriers’ tariffs and carriers’ classifications affect the nature of packaging and the packing techniques that should be used. Moreover, the specifications of carrier for defensive packaging cut the probability of destruction to products during carriage; this decreases the loss amount and the damage allegations that do not favor the carrier (Murphy & Donald, pp 206 & 207). Among the ten principles of material handling, the most surprising ones are the ergonomic principle and the work principle. The ergonomic principle aims at adapting work to suit the workers ability. This principle is surprising because of the fact that it tries to encompass the workers mental tasks something that appears almost impossible. The other principle is surprising because the minimization of material handling work without sacrificing productivity is not an easy task and is tricky (Murphy & Donald, pp213). The fragmented logistics and unified logistic of the organizational structure are comparable because, in both, the multiple logistics activities can be put in the same department despite their differences. These two logistic structures, however, differ because, in fragmented logistics structure, the activities management is in multiple departments while in the unified logistic structure, all the activities are managed in one department. Moreover, the classification of unified logistics structure is based on the quantity and the action given to the department. The classification of fragmented logistic structure is, however, based on quantity and the activity given to

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